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Ebike Safety

Your child wants an ebike.
You want to keep them safe.
PedalAce can help.

Safe teenager on an ebike

You invested in an ebike, now invest in their safety.

Ebikes are heavier and faster than regular bikes, making injuries more severe when accidents occur.
PedalAce's online course teaches teens how to be safe, aware, and courteous ebike drivers. 

Partners & Endorsements

Partner - Safe Moves
Partner - El Segundo School District
Partner - Hermosa Beach School District

"I urge our teenagers to take safety classes specifically designed for ebike riders"

- Chief Paul Lebaron, Hermosa Beach Police Department

From Parents & Students

PedalAce Review from a Parent

Serena B.

"A friend texted to say they saw a teen on an ebike, and they were shocked by their courtesy and skills, including the use of hand signals. And that teen was my daughter! I’m so glad I had her take PedalAce’s course when she got her ebike."
PedalAce Review from a Student

Jack C., age 13

"I like the quizzes at the end of each chapter because it keeps you paying attention and reviews what you just learned."
PedalAce Review from a Parent

 Megan O.

"So grateful this program exists! I am much more confident letting my son ride with his friends knowing that he really understands the rules of the road. I listened in on portions of the program and it sparked some great conversations between me and my son."

Safer Streets, Stronger Communities with PedalAce

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