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About Us

Our Mission

PedalAce empowers teens to drive ebikes responsibly, making communities safer for everyone. 

Who We Are 

PedalAce was built in partnership with safety experts,  ebike enthusiasts, parents, teenagers, and community leaders. 

Our founding team includes four parents from Southern California, and between us, we have seven teens and tweens, all of whom have or want an ebike. We live in areas where roughly 50% of middle schoolers drive ebikes, and unfortunately, too many drive them irresponsibly.

Meet the PedalAce Team

Why We Built PedalAce

We were afraid for our teenagers’ safety and the safety of our community. 

When one of our 13-year-olds saved up enough money to buy an ebike, we approved the purchase, as long as he could pass an online ebike safety course. And that’s when we discovered that no such course existed. So we created a simple course and test for him, and then we built PedalAce for everyone else. 

We love ebikes. We drive ebikes. We also love our community. And when everyone in our community is safer, everyone wins.  

Our Guiding Principles

Safety is #1.  Always.  

Make it memorable. Entertaining, bite-sized content. Words and images that they'll recall and use in real-life situations. 

Students don’t have to love our course. They just need to not hate it. Most teens taking Ebiking Rules! are being asked to by their parents or another adult. We get that. So as long as students learn, and they don’t think it’s completely awful, we call it a win.

Thank You

Thank you for making safety a priority for your teen, and thank you for trusting PedalAce as your online safety course. 

Please contact us with questions or feedback, and together, let's ride into a safer, more community-minded future. 

Our Team


Safer Streets, Stronger Communities with PedalAce

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