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Ebiking Rules!

The online ebike safety course designed specifically for teens

  • Entertaining, bite-sized video lessons ideal for short attention spans. 

  • Must-pass chapter quizzes plus a final exam.

  • A comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of ebike safety.

  • A Certificate of Completion upon passing the course.

Check Out This Sample Lesson from Ebiking Rules!

8 Chapters, 55 Animated Lessons,

7 Quizzes, 1 Final Exam

90 minutes of instruction, covering​

  • Signs, Signals & Markings

  • Driving Basics

  • Ebike Specific Rules

  • Ebike Anatomy & Parts

  • Safety Equipment

  • And More, Much More


Why Parents Choose PedalAce


Memorable Lessons

Teens have limited attention spans. They’re used to short, fun videos with color and action. PedalAce follows that familiar format so teens will remember the instruction and use it in real-life situations.


Comprehensive Curriculum

From where to stop at a Stop sign (behind the stop line) to how often they should check their brakes (every time they ride). From how to make a left turn, to a 10-point accident checklist. Plus everything in between, including an entire lesson on helmets, of course. 

Learn Anywhere, Anytime


100% online, so students take it at their own pace and fit it into their busy schedule. Moving between a mobile device and a desktop? No problem. Simply sign in and pick up where you left off.


Tests that Drive it all Home

Each chapter ends with a comprehensive quiz that your teen must pass before moving on. A final exam at the end of the course solidifies all they've learned.


Safer Streets, Stronger Communities with PedalAce

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