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Ebike Safety Certifications for Students

Is your school district considering an ebike safety program? If so, you’re not alone. 


PedalAce can help you develop and enforce an ebike safety program. Or, use PedalAce's course as an online learning option to enhance your existing solution.

Why School Districts Choose PedalAce

Comprehensive curriculum designed for middle and high school students

  • 90 minutes of ebike driver education.

  • A learning platform that prevents cheating.

  • Must-pass quizzes and final exam.

  • Learn more about the course

Lightens the load on district staff and administrators

  • Course registration, student support, and certificates of completion are 100% handled for you.

  • The course already exists, so students can start learning today. 

  • No in-person classes to organize and manage. PedalAce’s ebike training is entirely online. 

  • PedalAce delivers you student names upon course completion or even distributes ebike parking permits on your behalf.

Preferred alternative to in-person training

  • Districts offering in-person classes can only offer a handful per year, which busy students may not be able to attend.

  • Our online certification program can be a replacement for an in-person class.

Affordable pricing

  • Preferred pricing is available for school districts. Contact us to learn more. 

  • Also, a % of student registration fees can be donated back to school organizations. Contact us to learn more.


Safer Streets, Stronger Communities with PedalAce

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