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How Often Should Ebike Brakes Be Tested?

Updated: Jun 10

Answer: You should check your ebike brakes every single time you get on your ebike, and you should have your brakes inspected by a professional every one to three months.

Test Your E-bike Brakes Every Time You Ride

When it comes to ebike parts, the brakes may be the most important from a safety perspective because, without brakes, you can’t slow down or stop. They’re also the parts most likely to require regular service and maintenance.

Why ebike brakes need servicing more often than regular bike brakes

One of the most significant differences between a regular bike and an ebike (aside from the motor and speed) is its weight. The average bicycle weighs about 15 to 20 pounds, whereas an ebike can weigh three to four times that amount.

And this weight difference is a big deal. It’s basic physics: A heavier bike will require much more energy to stop than a lighter bike, even if traveling at the same speed. The more energy required, the more work your brakes need to do.

Ebike brakes have to work much harder than the brakes on a regular bike, and since they’re working harder, they will need more maintenance.

How often ebike brakes should be tested and serviced

Test your brakes every time you start driving to be sure they’re working. If there’s a chance that your brakes need maintenance, do not drive it until you have it serviced.

Get your ebike brake pads, rotors, and mechanical brake cable checked by a professional every one to three months. How often you need a checkup depends on how hard and how often you ride your ebike. For the same reason, some ebikers will need new brake pads every few months, while others could last a year or more.

This may be obvious, but the moment you have trouble slowing down or hear weird noises while braking, decrease your speed and get your brakes checked out immediately.

How to remember to check your brakes

Hang a reminder wherever you (or your teen) park your ebikes, and make it bold so you see it.

Need a sign? We made one for you! It reads: TEST YOUR BRAKES every time you get on your ebike

We actually made you three signs. We wanted to give you options! This way, you and your teen can pick your favorite and pin it up.

Download your "Test Your Brakes" Sign (pdf)

Test Your Brakes PedalAce
Download PDF • 622KB

Test Your Ebike Brakes PedalAce
Download PDF • 631KB

Test Your E-Bike Brakes Printable Sign
Download PDF • 616KB

PedalAce’s ebike safety course teaches teens brake safety and so much more.


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