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School Ebike Policy: A Downloadable Template

Updated: May 23

School districts are adopting Electric Bike Policies to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and school visitors, as well as campus neighbors and district property.

E-bikes parked outside a high school

As ebike popularity continues to skyrocket among middle and high school students, many schools are adopting formal ebike policies to clarify the rules and expectations for ebikes on school property and students when ebiking to and from school. 

This free, editable template is an example of what a district’s policy might look like.

Your state’s bicycle, electric bicycle, motor vehicle, and helmet laws may determine some aspects of your policy, so please refer to your state and local laws and then customize your policy accordingly.  


This policy is effective as of [insert effective date] and applies to all students, staff, and visitors within the [School District Name] jurisdiction.


The Electric Bike (Ebike) Policy for [School District Name] has been established to promote the safe and responsible use of ebikes on school property and in adjacent areas. The primary goal is to ensure the safety of all individuals, including students, staff, motorists, pedestrians, and surrounding neighborhood residents. 

Bringing an ebike to school is a privilege. Students violating this policy may have their ebike permit revoked and face other disciplinary consequences. 

This policy also clarifies that the school district shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen ebikes.


Ebike Permits

  • Ebikes are allowed on school premises ONLY IF the ebike operator possesses a valid ebike permit issued by [School District Name]. 

  • Ebike permits are eligible to students who have met the following requirements.

1) This Electric Bike Policy has been signed and submitted to the school by the student and the student’s legal parent or guardian. 

2) The student completed an ebike safety course from the school district’s approved courses list [available here]. The course provider will submit the certificate of completion to the school. 

  • Once awarded an ebike permit, students will receive two stickers: One should be affixed to their ebike handlebars and the other to the back of their student ID. 

  • Replacement stickers may be issued for lost or stolen IDs or ebikes or if the student gets a new ebike.

Behavioral Expectations

  • Ebike operators must adhere to all traffic rules and regulations, as well as any laws specific to electric bikes while using their ebike in the proximity of and on school property. Only some of these rules, regulations, and laws are covered in this ebike policy, but students are expected to know and follow all of them. 

  • Any student observed violating state or local laws or driving recklessly or dangerously may face disciplinary action. 

On-campus Operation

  • Electric bikes may be operated on school premises only in designated areas and only in manual mode. Operating an ebike on school premises using peddle assist or throttle is strictly prohibited. 

  • Designated areas include [parking lots and bike lanes]. Outside the designated areas and anywhere a “No Bikes” sign is posted, all students must walk their ebike or bicycle. 

  • Riding electric bikes on sidewalks or grassy areas is always strictly prohibited.

Speed Limits

  • While on school premises and in designated areas where it is permissible to ride an electric bike in manual mode, ebikes should not exceed a speed limit of [insert speed limit] miles per hour. 

  • On the streets surrounding the school campus, ebikes must follow all posted speed limits.


  • Electric bikes must be parked [in designated bike racks or storage areas]. 

  • Parking electric bikes in areas obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic is not allowed.


  • Individuals are responsible for their electric bikes while on school premises. The school district is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged electric bikes.

Other Safety Considerations 

  • Safety Equipment

  • Helmets: By state law, all students under 18 must wear a buckled helmet at all times, including on and off school property and when operating an ebike or riding as a passenger on an ebike. 

  • Headlamps, Tail lights, & Reflectors: By state law, all ebikes must be equipped with and use headlamps, taillights, and reflectors during darkness.  

  • All ebikes brought on campus must be

    • properly maintained and in good working order to ensure safe operation, including, but not limited to brakes, wheels, tires, and batteries. If there is any malfunction or damage, students should stop riding their ebike immediately. 

    • in the manufacturer’s original condition. Modified ebikes are prohibited.


School administrators, staff, and security personnel are authorized to enforce this policy.

Violations of the Electric Bike Policy may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to warnings, confiscation of electric bikes, revocation of the student’s ebike permit, parental notification, or other appropriate measures as determined by school authorities.


This Electric Bike Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure its effectiveness in promoting safety within the school district. The school board or relevant administrative authorities may amend this policy.


I have read and understand [School District Name]’s Electric Bike Policy. I acknowledge that bringing an ebike to school is a privilege and I agree to follow all aspects of this policy. 

Student Name: ________________________

Student Signature: ____________________

Date: _______________

Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________

Date: _______________


Download a Sample Ebike Policy Now

Sample E-bike Template for School Districts

Download DOCX • 87KB


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